• January 7: JFMK, Biatorbágy 17:00: New Year’s Concert
In spring, the EFKZ Educational Program continues, within which this academic year, all students in Biatorbágy will be exposed to classical music. Together with every local educational institution, we’ve devised a system to hold special singing classes or gather the children for a “classical music give and take” event, speaking to them in their language. The autumn school concerts were very promising, and we’re already looking forward to the spring sessions!


  • May 7: Biatorbágy, Pastival
  • May 26: Biatorbágy, Trevi Birthday
  • June 2: Kalocsa, Blue Bird Festival
  • June 13: Békés, Cricket Meeting


    • Friday (7th)
      • 17:00: Festival Opening and Exhibition Opening (Attila Mata)
      • 19:30: Baroque Music Concert – St. Anna Church
      • 21:00: Jazz Session by Gábor Éles and Friends
    • Saturday (8th)
      • 11:00: Musical Tale – Children’s Show
      • 15:30: Flash Concerts – Street Music Across the City
      • 17:00: From Afar – Lecture on Petőfi’s Songs by Dr. János Reisinger
      • 18:30: Cake Contest “EFKZ Bomb”
      • EFKZ Grand Concert feat. György Lakatos on bassoon
      • 21:30: Strings of the Soul by László Bolyki
    • Sunday (9th)
      • 15:00: Songs of the Soul – Torbágyi Reformed Church
      • 17:00: Youth Concert – Lomb Street Prayer House
      • 20:00: György Ferenczi and Rackajam – EFKZ Grand Concert
  • August 5: Budapest, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Night of Organs


  • January 2: Biatorbágy, New Year’s Concert feat. József Lendvai (Csócsi) I. II. III.
  • April 5: Biatorbágy, Pastival, participation of music school children
  • April 21: Biatorbágy, Haydn: The Seven Last Words of the Savior on the Cross feat. Pál Szalóczy
  • June 9: Békés, Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • June 10: Kalocsa, Blue Bird Festival feat. György Lakatos on bassoon and László Fenyő on cello
  • June 12: Kismaros, Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • June 13: Biatorbágy, Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • June 19: Biatorbágy, City Celebration – Main Stage – Classic Hits

EFKZ Art Festival, Biatorbágy

  • July 8: Baroque Evening feat. Balázs Winkler on trumpet
  • July 9:
    • Musical Tale feat. György Lakatos on bassoon
    • Street Music – Throughout the City
    • Beethoven Evening feat. Gábor Farkas, Liszt Prize-winning pianist
  • July 10:
    • Ecumenical Songs for Peace at the Torbágyi Virgin Mary Holy Name Catholic Church
    • Youth Concert with PMAMI children
    • Blue Rabbit and EFKZ
  • August 7: Biatorbágy, Square Music on the Banks of Füzes Creek
  • August 27: Biatorbágy, Square Music on the Banks of Füzes Creek
  • September 15: Sándor Födő, Eszter Bíró, and EFKZ – Kaddish
  • October 20: 30th Anniversary of the Pászti Miklós Mixed Choir. Feat. László Hadady on oboe
  • December 18: Christmas Concerts with the Pászti Miklós Mixed Choir
  • December 30: Vivaldi-Bornai-Pejtsik: The Four Seasons, Solti Hall, Liszt Academy